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Industrial Automation Project Management Services

Jensen Controls offers local businesses in Green Bay, WI, and those throughout the country reliable project management services to monitor the system automation process efficiently. As a professional automation company, we assist in the smooth production of your designs, efficiently and affordably supporting you and your production team.


We ensure your team has direction when it comes to production and that your machinery is working at peak performance, designed to meet your specific needs throughout the production process. Our clients should focus their efforts on innovation and design rather than the fine-tuning of their team and technology.

What Is Involved in Automation Project Management?

In the automation industry, project management is essential to every step in the production process, from machinery set-up to product creation. Jensen Controls ensures the reliability of our assistance, keeping your employees and technology running at peak performance, free of careless errors and frustrating malfunctions.

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Industrial Engineer

Project management involves a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Machine installation

  • Product development

  • Electrician management

  • Technology assistance


With our guidance and automation industry knowledge, we lead you and your team toward success with professional accommodations from our project managers. We assign roles and responsibilities during automation and production, ensuring your technology functions properly according to your unique specifications and company needs. Jensen Controls guarantees exceptional results with our management and integration services tailored specifically for your business.

Improve Your Industrial Machinery & Production Effortlessly

At Jensen Controls, we give our clients the opportunity to improve their production and machinery effortlessly with professional project management services in Green Bay, WI. With the assistance of our industry professionals, we will make sure that your machinery is functional, safe, and efficient for all of your needs. We take the time and effort necessary to manage your most difficult projects and provide successful results for your production process. 

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