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Industrial Machine Repair & Troubleshooting

Jensen Controls specializes in a variety of professional machine repair and troubleshooting services for local clients in Green Bay, WI. We prioritize the efficiency and affordability of our services, supplying reliable accommodations for your every repair need. Even in extreme conditions, our team completes each job to your satisfaction. No repair is the same, and Jensen Controls personalizes our care to meet your needs. We guarantee top-tier customer care with each of our professional repair services.

Whether you require a simple repair or detailed troubleshooting for your industrial machinery, we always ensure premium results for our clients.

Jensen Control’s Industrial Mechanical Repair Services

Our company provides in-depth, specialized mechanical repair services for our clientele. We have experienced technicians readily available to restore your equipment and streamline the workflow. As a company, we work well under pressure and are never afraid of a challenge. We offer our clients the highest level of professionalism with our repair services, providing peace of mind for our local clients.

Contruction Engineer

At Jensen Controls, we specialize in a wide range of industrial equipment repair services, including:


  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Planned Shutdowns

  • Heavy Industrial Equipment Repair & Troubleshooting

  • Processing Equipment Repair & Maintenance 


We offer round-the-clock accommodations, meeting your needs and deadlines at any time and location. Our team has the skills necessary to restore your equipment with dependable, professional accommodations in Green Bay, WI. Our team helps make repairs as simple as possible for you and your business so you can keep your projects on track and meet your deadlines.

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