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What is Industrial Automation?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

An industrial automated assembly line of robot arms

Industrial automation is an increasingly popular way for manufacturers to ensure that they are producing quality products at a fast, reliable pace.

When companies automate their equipment, they use robots or software to control equipment or complete processes essential to the final product. Adapting manually-operated machines to be automated has potential benefits for every industry.

Automating business equipment has several advantages, and it can transform your company for the better. In this post, we’ll go into more detail about the definition of industrial automation and how it changes things for business owners.

What is the Definition of Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation uses software, robots, and other technology to manage machinery. Instead of being operated manually by employees, automated machinery can run on its own, according to how it is programmed. The automation industry has long been used in construction, automotive factories, and electronics.

In practical terms, the industrial automation definition includes any form of software that controls the machinery used for a business. There are a few different types of automation, however.

In a factory, the business owner may want to automate a particular motion, such as installing a part in an assembly line. This style is called fixed automation.

Another example is Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines. CNC machines are automated but also programmable, making them versatile and multi-use. They provide programmable automation.

Other companies may use flexible automation, which involves a whole network of machines controlled by a computer that makes adjustments and updates as needed. Integrated industrial automation systems go one step further: they are entire systems that can operate smoothly without constant human input.

Automated industrial technologies come in many forms to meet a wide array of needs. Whether you need fixed automation or programmable options, it can significantly advance your company.

Milling on lathe CNC machine

Why Choose Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation provides unique advantages that can help you grow your business. Across industries, automation has been helping companies save money, meet their goals, and maintain a high standard of quality.

Partnering with another company for industrial automation project management can transform how your company creates products. A qualified project manager can provide technical expertise and ensure that your automated systems perfectly suit your needs as a business owner.


Increased productivity can be the push your company needs to expand and meet your goals. Automated machines can work faster than employees-operated machines. They can work for many hours straight and always produce the same results, so you can expect consistent quality and quantity throughout the day.


When you have a reliable partner providing automation services, you can find solutions to many concerns in your manufacturing company. Automated machinery can achieve the same results every time, cutting down on costly errors or variations in quality. Automated machines can also collect valuable data as they work. If something goes wrong, you can refer to this data and see how to make improvements for the future.


Automating high-risk or potentially hazardous tasks can save your company money. Training employees to perform those tasks can take many hours, and even then, there’s no way to eliminate the possibility of human error. An industrial automation expert can help you automate high-risk tasks to keep your employees safe.

How Can Jensen Controls Help You Meet Your Goals?

When you make the switch to industrial automation, you need to find a company that can provide the skill and customer service you deserve. Custom automation projects are a big investment, but the best industrial automation companies will walk you through development, setup, and maintenance to ensure the results match your vision.

Jensen Controls specializes in industrial automation services, machine programming, and all related services. Our team can work with you every step of the way, from product development to machine maintenance and troubleshooting. We deliver turnkey solutions tailored specifically to our clients.

System automation is a worthwhile investment for many companies. When applied well, it can improve safety conditions in the workplace, increase machine efficiency, and pave the way for company growth.

We work with clients in all industries to enhance their manufacturing processes and complete projects that provide long-term benefits. Contact us to learn more about our industrial automation project management services!

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